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"Waist a Moment"
"Waist a Moment"
"Waist a Moment"

"Waist a Moment"

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✂️"Waist a Moment" is my latest #upcycledfashion piece; it is an oversized crop-top with a lace to hug your waist and end up as a little bow.

This was a boring button-down for men, but I imagine it with a pair of highwaisted burgundy bell-bottoms to recreate a "70s-Zeppelin" inspo look. ☆•••Now is a size Medium, and fits from XS thru' M; price: $14 + free shipping

This is a unique and vintage piece that has been hand-sewn and repurpused so you can wear it proud cause' this item didn't eneded up on the trash.